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The handyman I had the pleasure of meeting was reliable and professional. He provided a great service too. It's not the first time I enjoyed a top experience at the hands of South Kensington Handyman.

  • S. Griffiths

I had major issues with the plumbing in the kitchen, but it all looked so easy to solve thanks to the professionalism of Local Handyman South Kensington. Their unblocking services took much less time than I was expecting. The plumber also inspected all the installations in the kitchen and noticed a few usually “invisible” problems. I was impressed! It was impossible for me to fix all by myself.

  • Glenn R.

South Kensington Local Handyman were really great at TV mounting. Having experts do the work for me meant I didn't need to worry about accidental damage, and this company was much cheaper than the competition. I found the staff to be very friendly as well!

  • Joan G.

I couldn't be bothered with the small repairs around my home, so I looked for a company ready to take on this job. South Kensington Handyman showed most promise in that regard, so I hired them and got to see for myself just how well-prepared their experts are. Highly recommended!

  • John

I had never needed any sort of handyman help before but this changed when I came across Handyman South Kensington. Their services sounded very useful, so I made a note of their number just in case I wanted to hire them. This would happen when I needed someone to help me with some furniture assembly. I hired them for exactly when I needed them and they did all the work for me. This is a tremendous service that I will undoubtedly use again in the future.

  • Ryan Green

When you want a helping hand with plumbing in your home, what you really want is someone who knows exactly how to do the task. I have had some bad experience before and so I was cautious while hiring someone to accomplish the task this time. South Kensington Local Handyman did an excellent job and I am very happy with the plumbing installations that they took care of. Excellent work, highly reliable!

  • Brian M.

If I have any home maintenance jobs that need carried out, I always call Handyman South Kensington. They're fast, reliable and affordable - what more could you want? Will continue to use for all other odd jobs I need done.

  • Jon Taylor

I had various carpentry jobs that needed to be seen to in my home and Handyman Company South Kensington were able to help. Their team completed every task in a short time and gave me quality results.

  • Katie Hopkins

I've never had much experience with handymen so I wasn't sure what to expect. However, even with my limited experience I know that the handymen at Handyman South Kensington were far better than the norm! After just a couple of hours, all of the jobs I needed done were completed to a high standard, and the whole process was extremely fast and efficient. The customer service was excellent, and I would never consider using any other company in future.

  • Blake Roberts

Super efficient and friendly team, especially the handyman who was sent round to do my job. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Everything I needed done was completed to a high standard and the price for the entire job was definitely worth it. I implore anyone even thinking of doing so to call Local Handyman South Kensington because if you get the same service that I received, you won't be left disappointed.

  • Dora Essex

I used the property refreshing services of South Kensington Handyman Services when I moved into quite a neglected property. The house had broken floor boards, dodgy wiring and even dodgier plumbing so I needed one company for all those trades which is why I chose them. They gave me a great price and they sent carpenters, electricians and plumbers to me so that in one visit, all the work was done. Marvellous!

  • Richard Jenkins